Carpet Cleaning Equipment Does Make a Difference

Professional carpet cleaners have been searching for the ultimate way to make your carpets clean at the least cost to them as well as the best customer service to you while customers have always sought the best value for their money. One of the best solutions available is the truck mounted water extraction equipment used by Thomas Cleaning and Restoration.

While not all water extraction equipment is mounted on trucks, the ones that are portable do not carry the same heft or force of effectiveness as the truck mounted machines do. The major difference between truck mounted and portable equipment is the vacuum suction; truck mounted machines have the ability to produce a higher level of suction power.

It takes alot of water pressure, hot water, and suction to produce really clean carpets. To give you an idea of what is required think of this: a portable hot water extractor is capable of producing anywhere from 125 to 150 PSI or Pounds per Square Inch whereas the truck mounted option can produce power as low as 300 PSI while the new models can reach up to 3000 PSI. Those higher numbers, such as 3000 PSI, is reserved for hard surfaces. In order to effective clean out the cleaning solution and rinse it thoroughly, the machine needs to be at 300 to 400 PSI.

While the truck mounted system is better in many ways, in regards to water pressure, heat, rinsing, and better vacuum suction, don’t automatically assume that any company with one knows how to get the job done best. Know the company you are choosing to clean your carpets; check out Thomas Cleaning and Restoration. You carpets will be clean and dry with 6 hours or less.

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