How Does Cleaning My Carpet Make it Last Longer?

Carpet cleaning is the last thing on the mind of any busy, hardworking, overworked person. It is easy to let it go because the dirt isn’t visible or in the way. Dirt can easily disappear deep into the fibers of your carpet and be forgotten. While the vacuum makes you feel like you have a clean carpet, your vacuum can only get down so deep into the carpet.

So, in order to help you make you carpet live a long life, here are some tips and suggestions you can easy implement in your home.

  • Move your furniture around to shift the wear on the most common walking areas.
  • Vacuum frequently, once a day in the high trafficked areas.
  • Leave shoes by the door.
  • Don’t eat food on the carpet.
  • Clean spills up as soon as you can, the sooner the better.
  • Get your carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year.


Take care of your carpets and they will last longer than otherwise expected. With the proper maintenance and care you will be spending less on your carpets overall.

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