Basic Care and Cleaning Tips for Idaho Falls Oriental Rugs

Every rug in the world gets dirty, even in Idaho Falls. It’s unavoidable.  However, not all rugs were created equal.  Oriental rugs require more attention and thought than ordinary rugs. So, for your Idaho Falls oriental rug cleaning, visit Thomas Cleaning and Restoration.  We clean oriental rugs through Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Pocatello.

By keeping your oriental rug clean you can increase the life of your rug and make it more durable.  And remember, it is most definitely cheaper to spend a few extra minutes thoroughly vacuuming your rug than to go in and get it repaired.

Potential Water Damage
The bottom part of the rug is of a type of cotton foundation that keeps the rug together and sturdy.  There are times that this foundation can be completely ruined by by water.  If an oriental rug gets wet consistently and not thoroughly dried, the cotton foundation will rot and become weak.  One of the more common causes of water damage though is from potted plants that are placed directly on the rug.  You never see the water and so it doesn’t even occur to anyone that there might be a problem.

When you put a potted plant directly on your oriental rug you are setting up your rug’s own destruction.  When you water your potted plant the water makes its way down through the pot and dirt and into your rug, where it doesn’t dry.  Do this every day and soon you won’t ever be able to move that plant because of the water damage underneath it. To prevent this, simply place the plant on a stool or make sure there is some sort of air circulation between the plant and your rug and you’ll be fine.

Vacuuming Do’s and Don’ts

Best way to keep your rug clean and lasting longer is by vacuuming it.  If possible, this should be a weekly task.  Also a few times a year remember to vacuum the underside of the rug as well as the floor underneath it.  This will only add a few minutes to the vacuuming process but will keep the dirt from making a permanent home in your rug.  A dirt-filled rug wears down faster than a clean one.

A side note, that is still very important to remember: If your vacuum is one with a power brush be careful how often or how hard you use it on your oriental rug.  The power brush not only batters your rug and also pounds most of the dirt deeper into the carpet.  If this is the only vacuum option you have, try staying with the nozzle attachment that comes with the vacuum.

Stains and Spills
A simple spill can easily and rapidly turn into the stain you were trying so hard to prevent.  Don’t just start scrubbing away, furiously trying to will the liquid from the rug.  Instead blot.  Get as much of the moisture out as possible.  Start on the outside of the spill and work your way towards the middle.  Rubbing a spill will only make it spread, and scrubbing or brushing it could possibly damage the rug’s structural integrity.

Time for Thomas?
An oriental rug is not something you want to have professionally cleaned every year.  Instead, you can wait for up to 5 years before you really need to look for a professional oriental rug cleaner.  So, to see if your rug is dirty enough to require professional attention grab a corner and lift it up.  Then, while holding it up, kick the back of the rug.  If dirt comes billowing out of the bottom of your rug its time for it to be deep cleaned by a professional.

When looking for someone to clean your rug, do not go to a carpet cleaning company unless they specifically note that they clean oriental rugs.  If they don’t, stay away.  Normal carpets and rugs are cleaned and handled differently than oriental rugs.  Don’t just assume that they should know what to do with an oriental rug just because they clean carpets.  Don’t settle for less than the best for your fine oriental rugs.

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