When Your Idaho Falls Furniture is More Brown than the Dirt Outside

Furniture gets used daily, for hours on end, and the upholstery gets worn down to nothing so start looking for your local Idaho Falls furniture cleaning company now.  Also, accidents happen and something is bound to get on that once-new furniture.  As the years go by that same furniture gets dirty, stained, covered, and worn.

Eventually the vacuum will no longer clean it good enough for it to look like it isn’t a ragged old couch or chair.  Kids and pets take their share of the blame with all the dirt/mud, crayons, pet hair, food, spills, and more.  When your house is filled with younger kids you don’t even see the point of trying to clean it all off because you know it will take more time then you are willing to spend and will just end up dirty again.

Shoes on the couch, juice spills from clumsy missteps, and more.  They all are contributing factors to how fast your furniture gets dirty.

But there comes a day when those kids grow up.  You don’t find more time but those kids do grow up enough that they aren’t spilling things all over the couch or running and jumping on the couch with mud all over them. This is when you start to realize just how messy your furniture has really become.

So, now comes the time when you have choose between inflicting this menacing task upon yourself or letting the professionals tackle it with their equipment.  This should be an easy choice and yet there are some who insist that they can get it done cheaper without the professional equipment.  With all the self help guides on the Internet, the ability to clean your own furniture does seem cheaper than hiring someone else to do it.  But are you sure that the guide you go to will be able to cater to the specific needs of your furniture as a professional can?  So many little things could go wrong and easily turn into a big problem.  Why take that risk when there are affordable professionals who can: get the job done right the first time, won’t take up any of your times, and will give your furniture the utmost care it needs.

Save your time, energy, and money by getting your furniture cleaned the right way the first time.

With truck mounted hot water extraction equipment, there is only one answer to your problem–Thomas Cleaning and Restoration.  Throughout Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and Rexburg they are known for their quality work and professionalism.  With IICRC trained and certified technicians there’s no doubt where you should go to for the perfect solution to your furniture cleaning needs.

Thomas Cleaning and Restoration can pick up your upholstery, take it in to their plant to be thoroughly cleaned, before they deliver it straight back to your home.

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